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Podcast de fotografia en espanol

It is not about the camera, IS ABOUT YOU!


Almost everybody recognizes that "it is not the camera, it is the photographer". If this is true, then it makes sense to spend some time and money on you, not only on equipment. We do offer a variety of "enter-training" options -as we like to call them-, including articles on this website, our free Podcast (available only in Spanish now!, Sorry!) and -of-course- high-quality and affordable photography workshops. We will also be happy to answer any of your photography related questions HERE.


Our Photography Podcast is one of the few ones that has been published regularly, every two weeks for more than a year!  Our Photography Podcast is only available in Spanish for now; there are many very professionally crafted Podcasts IN ENGLISH about Photography in a diversity of styles, and we think that we can be more competitive and able to make our mark focusing on the Spanish-speaking audience. You can just point your iTunes library or Stitcher mobile streamer to Phocaccia and you can subscribe to it.

Our latest Podcasts:

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"...your class has given me an opportunity to explore the world and capture expressions of life through  the lens of a camera. Your instruction has taken what I once thought to be a complicated piece of  equipment and has given it meaning and purpose" - L.Fossler

"...having a 'coach' was a great start. I learned a lot and feel a lot more confident. The course was worth every minute!"- L. Mota
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