How Help-Portrait is making its way to Fort Lauderdale

May God smile down on you...


A kid jumps high at the Help-Portrait event in Fort Lauderdale


First, let me say that while these days I don't consider myself particularly religious, I still think of myself as spiritual and when I heard this phrase for the first time it left a mark in my memory.

The context was more of a self-improvement-bravado thing, where the speaker was making the point that whatever talents you come to this life with, you have the responsibility to develop, use, and give the best way you can. And he would say, "when you are doing your thing -this thing that you are just great at- God is smiling down on you and probably saying 'that's my boy!'".

Look at this kid! He is really going! He is jumping as if the whole world's existence would depend on it. At this moment, there is NOTHING more important than to jump higher, crazier and better! What a way to live the present and not worry about where we'll be tomorrow!

One of the joys of Photography and Help-Portrait is to have the privilege to capture these moments.

The same kid, minutes before, gave this other look.

forlorn look of a kid at the Help-Portrait event in Fort Lauderdale

Do what you are good at! JUMP!



Slow trickle...


A panoramic view of the Help Portrait event in Fort Lauderdale

I have more than a hundred images on my cards, and I have not done anything yet...

I am just tired, but feeling good after a day of emotions, what a great way to spend a Saturday!

The event was a real success, there are one or two wrinkles we can still smooth out, but we offered a day of fun for people who don't have otherwise. We photographed 150 people and created hundreds of images.

As I rest, and sip what I think is a well-deserved drink, I start seeing the slow trickle of simply AMAZING images coming from the other photographers at event and I cannot but feel proud of all of these guys, great professionals who have donated their time and put in the resources as if this would be the prime shoot of their career.

Thank you all!


This was a good week!

This was overall a great week!

Thanks to team member Dawn Dunsmore and Tom Collins, have secured a deeply discounted rate with Dale Laboratories, the #1 Professional Photographic Lab in Broward County. Besides getting a great price, we will be enabled with a simple, yet powerful workflow from Dale. This certainly solves one of our biggest issues when working on the event.

We also got the opportunity to see where the event will take place this year. We will be at The Salvation Army's gym, and IT IS FABULOUS!

The venue has the obvious challenges of a room this size, but we are planning great extras to add to the event.


Help Portrait moves firmly towards November 3 event in Fort Lauderdale

Published September 24, 2012.

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With one more ally, The Soul Catchers are one step closer to give out pictures of hope on November 3rd.

Since this Thursday, Dale Laboratories -the #1 photographic laboratory in Broward County has- will be backing the 2012 Help-Portrait event in Fort Lauderdale. Dale comes to join Coya Images, Glamour Secrets, Right Now Restoration and Phocaccia Productions in their support to the event planned for November 3rd, 2012.


Local Photographers come together once again to give out pictures of hope

Published August 9, 2012.

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“The Soul Catchers”, a volunteer group of local photographers and The Salvation Army of Fort Lauderdale announced today that they will be partnering once again for the 2012 Help Portrait event in Fort Lauderdale. The Salvation Army is proud to host the event at their facilities, providing logistic support and The Soul Catchers will be using their time, equipment, and skills to offer free portraits to all the families and individuals supported by The Salvation Army.



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